Pain & Acupuncture

At the Pain Clinic we can offer you effective pain relief for a wide range of conditions and types of pain, enabling you to achieve more in your daily living, and allowing you to decrease or stop taking painkillers which so often have unwanted side-effects.

Acute pain

Acupuncture is suitable for helping the acute pain caused by a wide variety of conditions and often provides a better and faster-working analgesic effect than many conventional drug treatments, whilst avoiding the unwanted side-effects.

Chronic pain

In a major review the World Health Organisation recognizes the effectiveness of acupuncture as an analgesic and states that “its effective rate in the treatment of chronic pain is comparable with that of morphine”.

Because of the side-effects of long-term drug therapy for pain and the risks of dependence, acupuncture analgesia can be regarded as the method of choice for treating many chronically painful conditions.

Traumatic pain

For traumatic injuries such as sprains, acupuncture is not only useful for relieving pain without the risk of drug dependence, but may also hasten recovery by improving local circulation.


Treatments offered

1. Acupuncture

2. Tui Na and acupressure

3. Herbal medication

How acupuncture can help

Acupuncture improves circulation, thus aiding healing. It can also help to reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve stiffness and tight muscles.


Tui Na and Acupressure Massage

Tui Na (pronounced “tweena”) is derived from the Chinese words “Tui” – meaning to push and “Na” meaning to grasp; two techniques fundamental to traditional Chinese medical massage and medicine. It is a deep, vigorous form of  body work, which has been practised in China for thousands of years. It is aimed at preventing and helping a whole range of imbalance of the internal organs, mind, emotions and spirits as well as the musculo-sceletal system.

1. Massage the soft tissues (muscles and tendons) of the body to relax stiff, rigid or painful areas and stimulate blood and Qi flow, as well as lymph drainage.

2. Uses manipulative techniques to re-align the musculo-sceletal and ligamentous relationships.

Herbal Remedies

1. Massage lotions and oils

2. Herbal plasters and compresses

3. Herbal sprays

4. Internal herbal medication