Why Choose Us...


Our Philosophy

Much of the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine derives from the same philosophy that informs Taoist and Buddhist thought. It reflects the classical Chinese belief that the life and activity of individual human beings have an intimate relationship with the environment on all levels.  This philosophy embraces the human spirit and the unique balance within each individual.  By understanding the intimate connection between body, mind, spirit and environment, we are able to gently guide the energy that allows the body to heal.

We view the body as organ systems and we have a holistic approach to treatment.  We believe the  body is a complete energetic system with the innate knowledge to heal.  By utilising the various modalities Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer, we are able to bring the body back into a state of balance.

We believe healing is innate in everyone.  It is our intention to use this power to enhance the healing process.


What makes us different?

We strive to create an environment that embraces wellness. By developing a trusting, healing partnership, we are able to facilitate your healing by uniting science with an ancient medical art.  

We are passionate about sharing knowledge with you to enhance your life on your journey to wellness.  We encourage your full participation in the healing process.

We approach every day with an open mind and open heart to treat each patient with compassion and the highest degree of integrity.

 Why use a BAcC practitioner

We are registered with British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), only BAcC members belong to a Professional Standards Authority accredited register, providing professional guarantees of safety, education and continuing development.

Look for the letters MBAcC after the name of your acupuncturist to ensure:

  • extensive training – minimum three years degree level – with relevant western medicine including anatomy and physiology

  • adherence to BAcC codes of safe practice and professional conduct

  • compliance with current health and safety legislation

  • full insurance cover for medical malpractice and public/products liability

  • mandatory continuing professional development to keep knowledge and skills up to date

  • postgraduate study of special interests such as pain management and acupuncture for children

Copper Man from 960 AD

Copper Man from 960 AD