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Sheila Ross

Sheila Ross, PhD Health Psychology,  MSc Health Promotion, BSc (Hons), UKCP accredited psychotherapist, Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma ( HPD), Practitioners Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming ( PDipNLP), member of British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis (BSCAH) and National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

As a Clinical psychotherapist Sheila practises at the Ming Chen Clinics Edinburgh.
Please contact her if you would like more information or an appointment
07799768879 or email

Sheila has been involved in the field of promoting health for 35 years and adopts an integrative approach particularly building on personal strengths, skills and positive emotions.She has been collaborating with Alastair Dobbin, co-founding the charity Foundation for  Positive Mental Health, and for the last 13 years developing and delivering an audio programme Positive Mental Training, now available as the Feeling Good App,  which builds skills to for mental resilience, emotional balance and wellbeing.  This programme has been used in the NHS in Lothian for the last 12 years, is safe and effective and now in the NHS digital app store

Her previous  experience includes working in health promotion (addictions work), research as the principal clinician in an NHS research project, into the use of hypnotherapy and biofeedback for the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and researching into overcoming stress and low mood and promoting wellbeing and resilience.  As well as training professionals in emotional recovery and resilience Sheila consults privately treating a wide range of conditions, such as

·         stress management
·         irritable bowel (IBS)
·         addictions, such as smoking
·         weight loss & weight management
·         anxieties & phobias
·         fears & worries
·         migraine
·         blushing
·         tinnitus
·         bruxism (teeth grinding)
·         changing habits, eg nail biting
·         pain control
·         sexual problems
·         insomnia
·         motivation & concentration building
·         improving performances eg sports, public speaking
·         promoting deep relaxation
·         finding happiness