Lisa Sun

Glasgow Clinic  

Lisa Sun is an experienced Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. After gaining her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Shandong University in China, she started work in 1996 in Shandong TCM hospital as an attending physician. After completing her PhD she was promoted to Senior Doctor. 

Lisa Sun has worked in UK since 2001. In her practice she uses acupuncture and herbal medicine both singly and in combination in order to obtain the very best results. She recognises that TCM can play an important role in improving the quality of life, and views TCM as complementary rather than alternative to conventional medicine. 

Lisa has a wealth of experience in treating common conditions such as skin problems, internal disorders, arthritis and mental disorders.She has also had a great deal of success  in treating fertility problems and offering IVF support. Over the years, Lisa has treated a broad range of complaints and she also visits China regularly for extensive training in specific areas, including male and female fertility issues, gynaecological conditions, muscular-skeletal & neurological pain, and mental and emotional problems. She shares her knowledge with other practitioners throughout the UK and Europe, working to create herbal prescriptions and to offer the best professional treatment. Her goal is to provide the best service to the patient, offering effective relief from emotional and physical problems.